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Should you really invest your money in cryptocurrency?

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People all over the world are working very hard to secure their financial freedom. In the past, people used to trade only traditional currency pairs, but over the period of time, the expert investors are tending towards the crypto trading industry. Some of you might ask why the pro traders are fascinated with the crypto industry even though it has no central regulatory bodies. We are not going to give the answer right now. We all know the famous proverb “Trend is your friend”. The majority of the currency traders struggles hard to find the perfect trend of the market. But if you look at the ETH/USD chart, we are sure that you can notice the strong bullish trend within a fraction of a second. Only for this obvious trend setup, the traders are fascinated with this cryptocurrency industry.

Some people are often buying the crypto instead of trading. But this is an extremely risky and expensive procedure. You won’t have the leverage to buy a big amount of digital currency in the global market. On the contrary, if you start trading the ETH/USD just like the tradition currency pair, you can easily trade the market with leverage offered by your brokerage firm. To be precise, trading the crypto is many safes and cost-effective.

How to trade ETH/USD

Trading is an art and there is no shortcut to become rich. But the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile in nature and if you can ride the bullish trend from the perfect spot, chances are very high you will become an extremely profitable trader. Traders who wish to learn more about the underlying technology behind the various cryptocurrencies can visit https://blokt.com/guides/bitcoin-guides. As investors, you should always remember that your main concern is to save your investment. So if you start taking an excessive risk by using the high leverage trading account, chances are very high you will blow your entire trading account due to the wild volatility of this market.

Being new traders in the cryptocurrency industry you need to understand the power of technical and sentiment analysis. The technical analysis section will help you to find potential entry zone of the market and sentiment analysis skill will help you to assess the overall strength of the market trend. Since it has no regulatory bodies, sentiment plays a great role in the price movement of digital currency.

Some people often say that they want to invest their life savings in this market. But this very statement goes against the basic rule of investment. No one knows what will happen in future and at times you will have to embrace losing trades. So always trade this market with low-risk exposure.  


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Bug, long awaiting to be fixed.

That said, its not like sitting on its back and pounding away to actually blow it up is any harder. Just takes longer. But that is, apparently, feature.


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