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  3. EUR/USD Signal today

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  4. SEE NOW $EURUSD WHAT ProAct Traders SEE: We are currently sitting @ 1.3662 on the S6 and the heart line of the down trend. We are in a nice downtrend but could bounce here back to the .382 fibo at 1.3804. There is strong support in the 1.3430 area ( day chart). We are expecting a sideways move and then continuation of the downtrend to the 1.270 fib extension @ 1.3502 . The average daily trading range for the cross currently is 200 pips. ——————————————————————————– $USDJPY WHAT ProAct Traders SEE: We are currently @ 77.49. The cross is sitting just above the .382 fibo and has formed at least the start of an uptrend so we are looking for a move up to the 1.270 fib extension @78.22. A breakdown @ the 77.06 area would target yet another move into intervention territory. The average daily trading range for the cross currently is 60 pips. ——————————————————————————– $GBPUSD WHAT ProAct Traders SEE: We are currently @ 1.5881 which is day chart support. The cross could bounce here back to the trend wall or as high as the.382 fibo @ 1.6140. We are currently on the heart line of the downtrend so a move further is also a very high possibility. A break of the 1.5839 look for Targets south: look for the support @ 1.5666 then the S7 ( and 1.270 Fibo) @ 1.5631. The average daily trading range for the cross currently is 158 pips. ——————————————————————————– $AUDUSD – A great smooth currency for Newbie’s! WHAT ProAct Traders SEE: We are currently @ 1.0422. The cross is approaching the trend line but this is a fairly shallow trend so a break further down would not surprise us. We are expecting an initial bounce @ 1.0389 (s5) to the heart line but could easily break and go to the 1.270 fib extension @ 1.0286. The targets down are S6 @ 1.0162 ( also the 1.618 fib extension area). The average daily trading range for the cross currently is 140 pips.
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  6. GBP/USD

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  7. GBP/USD

    DPG FOREX SIGNAL 11 AUG 2011 released 00.47 GMT DPG SELL A GBP/USD 1.6157 take profit 1.6127 stoploss 1.6187 DAILY20PIP.COM ADVICE : BEARISH MARKET AHEAD SIGNAL VALID FROM 0.00 GMT - 18.00 GMT
  8. GBP/USD

    DPG FOREX SIGNAL 8 AUG 2011 released 01.38 GMT DPG BUY A GBP/USD 1.6360 take profit 1.6390 stoploss 1.6330 DAILY20PIP.COM ADVICE : BULLISH MARKET AHEAD SIGNAL VALID FROM 0.00 GMT - 18.00 GMT
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  10. BACIC FUELS In study released in 2009 and prepared by University of Massachusetts, Amherst economic professors, researchers try to prove an inconveniently elusive hypothesis: that the green tech and industry boom will actually create jobs and pull Americans out of poverty. And it won’t just create any old job, but high-paying jobs, and lots of them. UMASS department of economics professors Robert Pollin, Jeannette Wicks-Lim, and Heidi Garrett-Peltier teamed up with the National Resources Defense Counsel and Green For All, two industry proponents, to measure and determine in practical terms the actual potential for job creation in the green industry, if there is any at all. The report basically concludes with two very big projections. The first is that government’s investment in the clean tech and energy boom, both by direct spending and attractive tax credits, will lead to the emerge of a massive industry. The forces that are going to be driving the demand among the government and U.S. citizens, among many more, include the mounting collective desire to ween ourselves off of foreign oil. Those large-scale investments will trigger a private-industry growth, leading to new technologies and therefor new jobs needing to be filled. Secondly, yet most importantly, as it’s the focus of the professors study, is a hypothesis that the green industry is a formidable offense against the economically stifling inner-city poverty canvased across the country. The professors are basically proposing that the new industry will require new technical skills that will need to be developed among potential workers, leading to better pay and better work conditions. Now, that’s an incredible proposition. Consider this: approximately 78 million, or about 25% of the nation’s population, live at, near, or below the declared federal poverty line. If the green tech industry can help just a small fraction of those workers, those workers will be in a better position to take care of their families, and the economic ripples and flow of cash could have a tremendously positive impact on millions of lives.
  11. D20P BUY A GBP/USD 1.6336 take profit 1.6389 stoploss 1.6300 DAILY20PIP.COM ADVICE : SIDEWAY MARKET AHEAD SIGNAL VALID FROM 6.00 GMT - 18.00 GMT system option : add spread on buy order
  12. eurusd 1.4450 a bye diya 1.4500 ta targeet din

    1. darklord


      তাহলে তো এখন ব্যাপক লসে থাকতে হত!

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      yes.unar ideagolo tik na

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      EUR/USD pair এ 1.4400 এর উপরে বাই করাটা রিস্কি। চিন্তা-ভাবনা করে সিদ্ধান্ত নেয়া উচিৎ।

বিডিপিপস কি এবং কেন?

বিডিপিপস বাংলাদেশের সর্বপ্রথম অনলাইন ফরেক্স কমিউনিটি এবং বাংলা ফরেক্স স্কুল। প্রথমেই বলে রাখা জরুরি, বিডিপিপস কাউকে ফরেক্স ট্রেডিংয়ে অনুপ্রাণিত করে না। যারা বর্তমানে ফরেক্স ট্রেডিং করছেন, শুধুমাত্র তাদের জন্যই বিডিপিপস একটি আলোচনা এবং অ্যানালাইসিস পোর্টাল। ফরেক্স ট্রেডিং একটি ব্যবসা এবং উচ্চ লিভারেজ নিয়ে ট্রেড করলে তাতে যথেষ্ট ঝুকি রয়েছে। যারা ফরেক্স ট্রেডিংয়ের যাবতীয় ঝুকি সম্পর্কে সচেতন এবং বর্তমানে ফরেক্স ট্রেডিং করছেন, বিডিপিপস শুধুমাত্র তাদের ফরেক্স শেখা এবং উন্নত ট্রেডিংয়ের জন্য সহযোগিতা প্রদান করার চেষ্টা করে।